Emotional well being

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2018 by bittleralain

If we have psychological wounds, the body of suffering that Eckhart Tollé talkes about. It’s bad energy that is emprisoned in our body. We have to take care to the reason of the psychological wound and in same time we take counciouness of the inner and outer breath to release the bad energy.T he consequence of it is an increaese level of well-being and intelligence. Reproduce it to release all well known wounds and after try to find incounciouness wounds to release the entire body of suffering. (c) Alain Bittler 2018.

well being startIf you want to have support to free your mind and be glad to very glad in all times. And be glad in bad times please call me : to talk me how much money you are ready to spend to do that; and i will give you an answer if it is possible; we can find an agreement to give you a program of success. To understand your level, please send me a .pdf with all your professionnal reference and awards. All the best, Alain Bittler. Invest in yourself(c)2018

my photo: well being at the begining (c) Alain Bittler 2018

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